My commission workflow includes keeping in touch with my commissioners closely. After discussing the brief and clarifying the expectations I'll send about three basic concept sketches in black & white. In the next stage I'll work on color and details. Before rendering I'll send a last check-up to see if we are still on the same track with the piece.
Please ask upfront if you want to use the commission piece for something else then personal usage.
Examples: book cover, print products, etc.
My pricing normally includes: concept sketches, one revision before the final render.
The price of a commission depends on the hours estimated for creating the artwork. Also the intended use will change the pricing. For example if you want a book cover or a personal artwork. Usage is limited to personal use only if not discussed differently. 
I'd love to work on:
- book covers, book illustrations, magazine illustrations
- character illustrations, character designs
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Character Illustrations
Character Illustration

Fantasy Character design and Illustration by Flügelchen
With this piece I got a basic drawing of what the commissioner wanted the end-result to look like. First I created three concept sketches. We then settled on one concept. I delivered two color studies. The final scene was calm and relaxing.
Story Illustration
Carnivore Library
Horn of Sorrow
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